Marketing…It’s Not Just a Logo!

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So you want to brand your company huh? Well the first question most would ask is...where do I start? But truthfully, most don't ask this question; they just begin to do what they have seen everybody else do. Whether or not if what everyone else is doing is effective or not is besides the point to them, they just want to be doing something. In reality, you hurt your brand moreso by doing things out of tradition instead of being purposeful and strategic in your approach.

10 Ways To Stretch Your Marketing Budget

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Most small businesses have modest marketing budgets, which means you have to make every dollar count. Here are 5 ways to get big results from a small budget: 1. First, use your ads for more than just space advertising. Ads are expensive to produce and expensive to run. But there are ways to get your advertising message in your prospect's hands at a fraction of the cost of space advertising.

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